Brilliance Xinri New Energy Automotive?Co., Ltd?was founded in October 2018. It is a?new energy electric?vehicles?company?held?by Xinri (Wuxi) Development Co., Ltd.?New energy automotive is now an emphasis?project?of Wuxi, Jiangsu. Also Jiangsu & Liaoning Province have paid great attention to develop this industry. The?production base is located near beautiful Tai Lake?in Wuxi. It possesses ideal geographic location and supporting resources. Brilliance Xinri?company has four major processes of stamping, welding, coating &?final assembly, as well as some?public facilities such as PDI, complex-station, sewage system etc. It is a large-scale joint venture integrating R & D, design, manufacturing and sales of vehicles?and core parts. The factory?is constructed in two phases. The first stage?covers 393.6 mu, with a construction area of 120000 square meters. The design production capacity is 100000 sets every year by two-shift operation. The first stage?plant was completed and put into operation in December 2020.

1、Stamping workshop.?

It covers?an area of 18720㎡.?The workshop is equipped with an intelligent Press Production Line (four Press Machines 2000t-1000t-800t-800t). The production?line introduces Japanese experience and adopts advanced servo drive and multi link technology?which can perfectly combine low energy consumption of oil pressure with high mechanical efficiency. The efficiency?achieves 500times an hour which?doubles that of ordinary Oil Press?and reaches the?domestic leading level. In addition, there is another?automatic production line composed of six Swedish ABB robots &?an automatic waste?treatment?line. The production line is sealed with sound-absorbing materials, which can effectively reduce noise &?dust, and?eco-friendly. At the same time, the sheet materials are cleaned automatically?and?treated by oiling machine to ensure the product quality.

2、Welding workshop.?

With?an area of 18720㎡, the workshop is equipped with an automatic flexible welding main?production?line. It?is composed of 36 advanced German KUKA robots, and the automation rate of the main?line reaches 100%. The welding?line adopts the advanced GATE?Technology of COMAU?from?Italy to realize the automatic switch of fixture, which can meet the requirements for automatically & flexibly assembling six different models of two platforms?on?the same line. The door cover hemming line adopts the latest robot hemming technology. With six German KUKA robots to realize automatic hemming without human intervention.

3、Coating workshop.?

It covers?an area of 18408?㎡.The pretreatment electrophoresis production line adopts the international advanced turnover machine conveying. The whole line is equipped with American AB (Rockwell) automatic control device; In order to perfectly solve the environmental problems, the line imports the German CHENMETALL?(kemitel) phosphate-free silane technology to realize "zero emission" of nitrogen and phosphorus. The topcoat production line adopts international advanced B1B2 midcoat-free water-based coating process, and uses the American PPG water-based paint, which can not only reduce the weight of the whole vehicle but also reduce pollutant emission; Besides, the production line adopts 12 Japanese Yaskawa robots for automatic coating. And in terms of waste gas treatment, the international advanced ROT & runner equipment are used for combustion treatment to make sure that the pollutant treatment efficiency is more than 99%. As for water treatment, the waste water can finally cyclic utilized after treatment. In this way zero release is achieved.


It covers?an area of 31320㎡.The workshop is equipped with an automatic flexible assembly production?line. The interior production line adopts cyclic sliding plate conveying and the chassis line adopts air friction chain conveying. The whole assembly line is equipped with SIEMENS?automatic control device. In addition, the advanced technology “Automated Robotic Auto Windshield Gluing”?is used. The instrument panel and front & rear suspension use modular assembly technology. The seat, tire and other large components are aided assembled by manipulator. The chassis and battery are assembled by AGV automatically. The testing line imports the American FORI?that has achieved the domestic advanced level.

5、The test track.?

Take?domestic successful benchmarking BAIC New Energy’s design as an example, Brilliance Xinri has built a two-way 1000m long runway?which can meet the dynamic debugging, braking, steering, climbing, vibration, trafficability and other performance tests.